An osteopath makes an assessment of the whole dog and treats the whole dog - not just where the symptoms appear, as the cause may be a completely different place due to body structure and function. The whole body is connected by a dense network of fascia, so that bones, muscles and organs "interconnect". A crooked neck can easily be due to tension in the skull bones or meninges and if the neck is straightened only, the symptoms will return after a shorter or longer period.

Today we have been with Osteopath Kent Ravn Staub, with our puppies and Mika. It is important for us that our dogs thrive and have the best conditions, and we have therefore chosen to have them examined by an osteopath, to be sure that they are using the body correctly and to reduce the risk of injury in the moving device. A crooked Atlas (1st neck vertebra) can cause a crooked pelvis, which causes vertebral and sternum bias. Therefore, the dog cannot move properly and the risk of wear and compensation is high. We want to make sure that the puppies use the body properly before traveling to their new families.
With us: Genetics - Nutrition - Environment and the dog's movement pattern is a decisive factor for the quality of life of the dog, and we do not compromise. We recommend puppy buyers to consult with an osteopath so that the dog gets the best conditions during and after growth, and to be sure the dog grows correctly, reducing the risk of wear and compensation later in life

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